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Crowne Plaza Hotels

Crowne Plaza Hotels Logo

Crowne Plaza Hotels and Resorts is a brand chain, which is operated as part of the InterContinental Hotels Group. They offer luxury accommodation at a minimum 4* quality, to business travellers, couples and families alike. The brand originally started as part of 'Holiday Inn' with them opening the first Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza in Maryland, USA in 1983. After a few successful years it quickly spun of as an independant brand, and the first full Crowne Plaza Resort was opened in Portgal in 1999.

There are now over 400 Crowne Plaza hotels in over 52 countries world-wide, and their portfolio includes some notable properties, such as: Crowne Plaza at Liverpool John Lennon Airport; this building was originally operated as the Speke Aerodrome, the former airport terminal. It is famous for being the site where the Beatles landed home from their first American tour to crowds of waiting fans.

They also operate the Copenhagen Towers at Denmark; which is the first hotel to ever generate 100% of it's power from it's own renewable energy resources, such as geothermal heating and solar panels. Crowne Plaza brand has also been the sponsor of major events, including the PGA golf tour in Texas, and the FIA Worldwide Touring Car Championship.

Woosh offers a number of Crowne Plaza Hotels located at Gatwick, Manchester, Liverpool and Heathrow Airports with a variety of parking options.