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Gatwick Meet & Greet Parking

Meet and greet parking at Gatwick is for those who want the convenience of driving to the terminal and walking from car to check-in. There are a range of meet and greet parking providers – some not as reliable or reputable as others – so by booking your meet and greet parking through Gatwick Parking, you can be assured you are booking a legitimate meet and greet service, as we work only with those services that have Gatwick’s Approved Operator Status.

Gatwick meet and greet is particularly popular with families with young children, those with lots of luggage and people with reduced mobility. Business travellers also prefer to save time by leaving their car on-airport rather than at one of the off-airport car parks, which require a shuttle bus.

A quick glance at the table below will give you a useful overview of the Gatwick meet and greet services offered by Gatwick Parking.

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Meet & Greet Parking Prices

Car Park Parking Type Transfer Time Park Mark? Price per week
Meet & Greet North Meet & Greet Walking time 1 – 2 minutes Park Mark


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M&G forecourt Meet & Greet Walking time 2 minutes Park Mark


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Ace M&G Meet & Greet Walking time 2 minutes Park Mark


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ILOVEM&G Meet & Greet Walking time 2 minutes Park Mark


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ILOVEVALET Meet & Greet Walking time 2 minutes Park Mark


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When is the best time to book Gatwick meet and greet?

The prices for Gatwick meet and greet parking are dynamic and fluctuate according to availability. The closer to the date of departure, the higher the risk of less availability, and highest prices.

Data research has shown us that if you book your Gatwick parking six months in advance, you could save up to 60% compared with making your booking in the week before you travel.

This translates to paying less than £43 for a week’s meet and greet parking if you book six months ahead, or around £105 within seven days of travel.

Does a lower price mean a lower level of service?

We all know the importance of securing a good deal but sometimes worry that a deal could be too good to be true. 

Here at Gatwick Parking, we know and only work with the legitimate Gatwick meet and greet operators. However, we also seek to offer our customers the best, competitive deals.

Whatever price you pay through Gatwick Parking for a Gatwick meet and greet, you can be assured that the end product is the same: excellent, reliable service and peace-of-mind security for your vehicle while you are away.

The lowest prices for Gatwick meet and greet?

Above is a handy price comparison table for our main Gatwick meet and greet services, showing Park Mark status and price.

Meet & Greet: How it Works

Meet & Greet is a fantastic way to start your holiday, simply follow the steps below to get your trip off to the perfect start. Meet and greet parking at Gatwick is a great time saver and the perfect parking solution for both leisure and business travellers.